D-day looms ahead

At least for me running a 5k was never in my list of things of “Hell yeah, I’m going to do that one day.” And yet here I am, less than 5 days away from this hurdle in my life I never even thought was in my vicinity let alone in my life’s path. I don’t know if I will run the whole thing or not, but at least I will attempt it. Hopefully, I won’t give up on myself halfway through but find my pace and keep going. There is so much mental struggle to not stop, to just keep moving on (wow what a parallel for my life right now). I feel that if I cross this hurdle, in my mind I will feel I can accomplish anything. Well, a moderate amount of anythings… gotta be real about life in general. 😉

If nothing else, it will be a rainbow of powdery fun. Just picturing one of those war movies with bombs going off around people. However, instead of death and destruction there will be joy and chaos. Sounds like a nice alternative to the maelstrom that life usually brings. 

So here’s to color runs, life’s mental hurdles, and whatever other challenges come my way 🙂


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