Slowly But Surely

Well, I was contacted by a friend to help out with a few of her weddings. No wedding photography for me, just assisting. Which is fine by me because now I realize that isn’t where my heart is. It’s easier to let it go with no frustration. I create art for me and it uplifts my soul. Maybe sometime there will be a point where I sell it again but for fun not for a living. 

Tomorrow is the 5k, and of course it’s raining today and possibly tomorrow. HAHAHA a bunch of colorful wet dogs running.. good times 🙂 I’m still looking forward to this in my life and have another a month away which will give me more time to train for it. I need the goals in order to keep myself focused. If I don’t have a reason for doing something it’s too easy to just let it go. 

It’s so difficult when you realize what you want out of life and that in and of itself is exciting but brings new frustration. With the realization comes the desire to get started on it right away. “He who hesitates is lost” and all that. But things are slowly showing new light and hope. That right there is enough to calm my mind and just keep pushing forward daily.

My mind is a little unfocused today, but I don’t want to go another day without getting out some of my thoughts. So although short and possibly muddled, here it is. 

This time tomorrow I will have completed my first 5k and everything for the rest of my life will be smooth sailing. HAHAHA 



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