Going from such an intense high of success and completion and wow all things are possible to finally crashing and feeling so tired is kind of a funny thing. It’s like when I used to play out in the sun and water as a kid. So much fun and intense excitement and then totally fall on your face exhaustion.

That is how I feel right now. Still so happy and overwhelmed with all the possibilities life has to offer but completely tired at the thought of it all. Now to read books that I have been putting off and passport photos I have been meaning to take. First 5k down and next one is a month away. Good for me keeping another one in the wings so that I don’t look at this one as  a proverbial finish line. I might even sign up for another after this next one to keep myself motivated.

I really am a goal driven person.

My niece will hopefully be doing the next one with me. I think she would love it and she is going through that time in her life of figuring out who she is and what her place is in this world. We shall see what it means to her or if she even chooses to do it. But as for me this week I need to get two things done. One passport photo and two finish a book I have started. 🙂

These are completely doable goals. lol


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