Why is it???

Whenever I make a goal for myself and meet it, there is that expanse of time after where it’s really difficult to be motivated. 

I did however complete two books I had started on. That is a feat in and of itself. My mind has been all over the places as of late so the fact that I could sit down and stay focused enough to read two books is amazing to me. Now for the other goal, passport. So frustrating, the paperwork is all filled out now just for the dreaded photo. The thing that will follow me around the next 10 years. lol Have to get my head around doing that. Also, have company coming in town so I’m interested to see if I will procrastinate and find excuses or if I will just go for it and do it anyway. 

In the mean time, still looking for work and volunteering opportunities. Both of which I will hope put me one step closer to my goal. 

Also, one month away from next 5k. Gotta stay motivated. Keep the goals 😉


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