Moving things along more quickly than I expected.

After the lull last week so to speak (company in town), I have accomplished two things: PASSPORT FILED!!!! and applied for first job.

There was a bit of a debacle in the passport filing. Went to the first location, documents in hand, old expired passport, passport photo, and found out that I needed an appointment?!?!?!? Why was that not listed on the the things I needed at that location? So then I called the Clerk of Courts and found out I needed checks to pay for the whole deal, so I had to go back home. For someone who has a mild bout with social anxiety every now and again, this was throwing a wrench into the equation because I had already prepared my mind to handle it a certain way. So when other things arise, it’s hard for me to get back on track. However, I persevered and found the Clerk of Courts office which may I say was in a less than “comforting” area. I saw the amount of cars and the location and had to battle with my mind to go ahead and enter. But I did it and there was no line….whoever heard of that happening? But the rest was not smooth sailing. Apparently, the paperwork I had was not updated even though I had just filled it out from the government’s website. Pay attention, the government’s passport documents are not updated (maybe as I write this they are now lol) but needless to say, I had to fill out entirely new paperwork. Still, there was no onslaught of people coming in and I was able to go right back up to the window and finish. There were a few other minor hiccups, but luckily I brought my expired passport which they were able to use instead.

And today, found a job that would be great for me. Part time and also relates to the field in which I want to get my degree. I hope my cover letter and resume make it through to eyes that need to see it. As we all know that is being said on a wing and a prayer. But who knows, the powers that be may shine upon me. It would be a great opportunity to get my feet wet, also may even count as course credits for the degree and open other doors. If nothing else, I updated my cover letter and resume. Fingers Crossed.

Two days in a row for me to challenge myself and every day feeling more excited at the possibilities of what life could have to offer. (Now if I just could win that million dollars in the lottery I never play…. )



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