No Passport Yet….



So instead I have been trying to explore places locally that I haven’t been to before. This country is so vast and even though I have been to quite a few states there will never be a way in my whole life to see it all. But there is so much local beauty. And even though I cannot yet travel to other countries, it’s amazing to me how in just one weekend I have met people from other countries visiting here. Their experiences cast a different view on my own country for the time being. (But once my passport comes.. going to be planning a trip somewhere other than here no matter how many newfound beautiful places I visit locally :)) 


Goal 1 for the next few weeks: Go out and explore!! Find a place that you haven’t seen near you and try to see it with an attitude of a world traveler. (And I realize I said you as in speaking to those that may read this but it is a goal for myself as well)

Goal 2 : Finish another book. This is taking some serious mental effort to focus and tune everything else out. Although, this weekend being near all that calming water made me want to find a quiet spot and just listen to it and read. The sound of water has a way of (omg cannot believe I’m saying this) drowning out everything else and calming your thoughts. 

Goal 3: Look into other opportunities for volunteering as well as continue to look for work.

Goal 4: Prepare for the next 5k. It’s so hard once you reach a goal, at least for me it is, to continue on and not quit. It’s like crossing a finish line of the race and still continue to run. Oh wait it’s exactly that. lol. Normally, I would be speaking figuratively but instead this is quite literal. 


Also, this weekend, I’m working a wedding. It will be nice to be around others who are creative and who challenge themselves by owning their own business. Not really a goal, but I will enjoy it and the company 🙂





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