Fear, Doubt and Worry

These emotions are something I’m familiar with all too well. Fear of the unknown, doubting whether something I want will happen, worry that if it doesn’t happen what will I do. I would love to just let these things go and adopt some sort of “devil-may-care,” blasé attitude. Why can’t I be like those that just go for their dreams and if something doesn’t work out they just let it go? Is it difficult for them? They make it appear so easy that I cannot possibly fathom that it is a challenge for them at all. 

I’m afraid of people leaving me in my life even if they love me. I’m afraid of letting those go that I know do in order to achieve what I want. I’m afraid of so many things all at once it becomes overwhelming. I’m drowning in a sea of self pity right here it seems. Doesn’t anyone else feel this way? If so how do they get through it? How do they move on? How do they make sense of all these things and then adopt an attitude of whatever comes my way I will accept it? 


5 thoughts on “Fear, Doubt and Worry

  1. I am exactly feeling the same way too. I am actually envious of my friends, I know it’s wrong but I just couldn’t help it. Everything they do seems so easy but its the reciprocal when it comes to me. Like you, I am eager to know the answers to those questions too.

    • Does someone have answers to these? I don’t care how many books or articles I have read, it still seems impossible for mind not to dwell on these things. Lol….sigh

      • That’s the power of the mind .. to mind things. Lol I don’t know if the answers can be found in books/articles but I hope we’ll figure that out. ^^

  2. I think everyone feels like this at one point in time. I know I definitely have! You can accomplish anything you put your mind to, once you put your fears and doubts to rest – your worries should disappear! 🙂

    • It is true but so hard to let the worries go. 🙂 Especially when you’re in that place. Luckily my feelings since then have changed somewhat, definitely looking forward to new opportunities 🙂

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