Second 5k Coming Up..

Apparently, I have a list of them I am going to do this summer. They are going to be my new hobby. This one I am doing with my niece and we have been going out during the last couple weeks to prepare for it. She seems excited and I’m excited for her. It’s a privilege to see her personality and confidence grow. She is an awesome kid and I hope that this ignites in her that fire she needs to believe in herself and set goals for her life. As for me, this one isn’t as much of a stress… been there, done that I guess. Ah, that perspective thing rears its head. I guess I should just be posting a series of blog entries with that as the overall theme. But it really is true. That whole can’t see the forest for the trees; I have been so focused on the trees lately. I couldn’t step back and see the beauty of the forest. This whole life that we live is a gift. And as much as I want to revel in the tiny victories, I also one day want to look back over it all and say ahhhhh that’s a life well lived. Even with the pain, torture, sadness, mountains turned into molehills, surprises… everything makes this life worth living. There is a lesson in it all. Looking forward to this gorgeous, gorgeous day (seriously, how did it get to be so beautiful today??).



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