When a goal isn’t a goal…


Not unveiled yet lol

So I got a tattoo!!! It’s something I wanted for awhile and just couldn’t decide what I wanted and not only that but if I wanted to live with this thing forever. But I finally decided what I wanted. I had been reading a book and it stood out to me like a beacon. Shalom.. It means peace.. It’s used as a greeting but it also can mean peace in all things. A sense of completion or wholeness.

For me I have really needed this reminder. That whatever it is I am going through, to be at peace about it. To strive for peace. To enjoy the moment and whatever comes find the spark of light within it all. Although, traditionally it is normal to have whatever you tattoo on your wrist to be able to be read for those that you extend your hand to, for me I wanted it facing me. To remind myself to find my peace and also to extend peace to others.

Ran the 2nd 5k of this year and it seemed so short. But it was such a fun time with my niece and I could see her face feel that sense of accomplishment that I felt. I want her to know those feelings and not just take the easy road in life. I want her to challenge herself and see that she is capable of more than she knows. As we all are.

Looking forward to the week ahead and nursing a fresh tattoo. 🙂



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