“Never let your fear decide your fate” – Kill Your Heroes ~ AWOLNATION

I love this lyric. I enjoy the rest of the song as well, but every time I listen to this song, this line stands out to me like a audio neon sign. It’s so true. How many times have I let fear decide how I was going to handle a situation. I’m afraid to do something so instead of facing that fear and taking whatever comes with the facing it, I find another path. What if I had just taken that path head-on, fully ready and willing to take on whatever challenges came with it? That saying that courage isn’t the lack of fear but having fear and facing it anyway… it’s something I have to remind myself of often. That fear doesn’t have to be a deterrent for my life. And although I may have it and often, the more I face it the more I realize it’s nothing. OMG PERSPECTIVE ISSUE AGAIN!!!!

So daily I want to remind myself of this. Face my fears, don’t let them decide my fate, move into the unknown bravely, don’t back down, never give up, find my joy, my passion, my peace. I cannot wait until I am motivated. I need to do it whether I feel like it or not. Be great and don’t be afraid!!!

On another note, the smell of rain…. sigh. What is it about it that just washes away every doubt? Something just brings the hope of a new day and new life. It is meaning more to me even now because I might possibly move to a place where there is only 2 inches of rain yearly… WOW!!!! For someone who loves thunderstorms and running in the rain, that is going to be a big pill to swallow. How will I handle it? As of now it’s just in the maybe phase, but who knows what the future will bring?


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