Flower photography


I taught photography at a co-op for a year. I’m not quite sure how I ended up doing it because I am not an amazing photographer nor do I particularly enjoy teaching classrooms of children. Well in all honestly it’s one my least favorite things to do. I admire those that have a passion for it because I in myself don’t understand the joy of it. I don’t mind one on one teaching but a whole classroom of children….

Anyway, I had a student tell me that taking photos of flowers was easy because they are already pretty. Of course that means you’ll have a pretty photo. As I tried to take photos of seemingly beautiful flowers only to be continuously disappointed by the outcome, his argument came into my mind. It should be easy to take a photo of something beautiful and therefore the photo itself should be beautiful. I think people really believe this to be true. Especially with digital cameras and how inexpensive and accessible they’ve become, everyone feels like they’re a photographer. While it’s true some people may have a talent or an eye for photos… it’s not true that just because they hold a camera in their hand they are master photographers. Any more than a paintbrush in someone’s hand makes them a master painter. I feel we all have potential to be whatever we set our mind to however there needs to be passion to learn and grow. To admit that we may need more knowledge in order to become better. Just as that student said so lightly anyone can take a pretty photo of a flower. Yes anyone can in theory. It doesn’t mean they do. Lol. I know I don’t. Oh if it were only that easy to take what is in our minds and what our eyes see and translate it into a visual representation that others could see. It takes talent, practice, skill, experience, blind luck… something beyond just simple point and shoot.
Meanwhile I’m off to peruse through Instagram 😉


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