Card Design….





This was part of the card I designed for my volunteer service for the hospice. Funny how when there isn’t pressure to have to sell something, I can create more freely. I used one of my photographs and did this watercolor from it. It was actually what I love about art. Something coming from nothing based out of necessity, whatever that necessity is. There is a sense of release that comes from it and even if nobody else enjoys it, I do. I guess that is why art is so difficult to release to the “public” because although you felt that joy or whatever it is you felt that made it complete, there is that impending judgment. So whatever anyone else feels about this, I am happy that I created it. If only everything I created could come freely to me.



4 thoughts on “Card Design….

    • I am mixed media. So I do whatever I feel like at that moment. So although I have used watercolor for a long time, I also have done murals, acrylics, photography, worked with other artists on large copper sculptures etc etc. It is hard to give a specific time frame. 🙂

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