“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.” Ralph Waldo Emerson


Theatre District

I haven’t done a full written blog entry in a week or so. But still there are thoughts in my mind. Sometimes I go through wanting to write everything, anything. And other times it’s like I just don’t want to see it written down. Or I’m lazy. I haven’t decided which yet. I was one of those kids who loved getting journals, would write on the first pages or so and then forget about it. My favorite journals were the ones that had no lines. More freedom to write in my crazy horrible printing. Or to draw or to what I later learned could be a whole world of possibilities. I had friends write pieces in them, I drew in them, I painted, stapled, ripped pages, jotted down quotes that made me feel something, pasted photos, collaged, whatever made me happy or made me think would go into those. I still have some of them and yes there are still empty pages. I was never prolific in my journal entries. There was more of an ebb and flow to them. I wish I had been the type to write more of my life down. It would give me something to reflect on now.

I always thought my memories would stay fairly clear. That my heart and mind would be the keeper of all of my history. Funny how time changes our past. Only certain things stand out to me now. I find myself repeating the same stories to different people because those are the things that are like beacons in my life. Those few experiences that I really recall with “true clarity.”

Right now I am on the other side of 3 5k’s and trying to decide if I want to do more. I have attended a couple concerts this past weekend. Although both were completely different, there was still that same vibe. Just peaceful, music loving, love life kind of a thing. Maybe that is just my mind set as of late. Soak it all in, breathe in every moment and try to imprint it on my heart and mind. Something to look back on on days where I feel a bit wistful. A bit lost as to what my life is doing. I am sure there will be those days.

I am trying to find more moments to just be.

As per the quote, it is the second Emerson quote in two days that I’ve come across. And I still have yet to read Walden. I bought that thing and tried to get into it and yet somehow my mind was not cooperating. Hmmmm maybe that needs to be a goal for the month of July. FINISH WALDEN!!!!

Actually, now that I read some of his quotes they have been popping up a lot these past couple weeks. Is the universe telling me something?

Oh procrastination, why do you draw me in so? Tomorrow tomorrow.


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