Candy is dandy but…



Digital Card Reader



This title has absolutely nothing to do with my entry. However, I cannot think of a title but HUZZAH!!!!!

Crisis averted. Memory Card Salvaged!!!! Trumpets and parades all over the place. 🙂 I was prepared to spend whatever was necessary  (within reason) to fix this problem. No computer or device was acknowledging the presence of my sd card. I didn’t want to format it and lose everything. I had even filled out a work order and was thinking of sending it to one of those repair places that basically rip the thing apart and tell you it will cost 700 dollars. Then you say never mind and they return to you the relics and say “good luck” getting anything off of it now. (maniacal laughter inserted I’m sure).

I had combed the blogs and help sites and found someone suggesting getting a digital micro sd card reader. I had been using an adapter. And also plugging it in directly to various devices. I found it online for about 5 dollars. It arrived yesterday. And this is where my breath and heart were in pause. I plugged it in to my computer. It recognized it!!!!! There were images there!!!!!!

I started the whole copy paste process which took a few hours. Not all of the images made it. But the majority were saved. I forgot to check the rest of the card for anything else I needed like contacts or what have you. I was just so excited to get my photos. I already formatted my sd card and even in this moment I cannot honestly tell you what else was on that card that I needed.

So if anyone ever has this problem (please don’t.. backup backup backup) try the card reader first. Five dollars compared to hundreds, it’s worth a shot.


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