The Volunteering Process… More arduous than applying for work. Who knew?!?!

Who would have known that when I started this particular volunteer position that it would be more involved than looking for work. The other two groups I have volunteered for thus far have only required me basically “showing up.” I think even when I worked at a hospice facility I wasn’t required to go through this much preparation. I had an interview, I have had to show references (which were actually called and asked questions), I have had documents and paperwork to sign, I have been given materials to study and self-study exams to complete all before tomorrow’s orientation. When I say materials I mean pages and pages of materials. One of which is 70 pages. This is all for the safety of the patients and the volunteers and for those that work at the various facilities. I understand the reasoning for all of it. I just never imagined it. I think I still have to do fingerprinting as well as shots and I’m not quite sure what else.

But here is this benefit, the silver-lining in it all… it will all prep me for work. I really feel that this is my spring board and I’m excited and nervous. Everything is transitioning from one part of my life, from watching my friends’ daughters (which will end in a month or so due to them moving onto a new phase in their lives) to working weddings as an assistant and being around other creative people, to now volunteering and using this opportunity to glean as much as I can. I’m nervous about trying to find work, going back to school, etc etc. But I am so excited at the doors opening and the people I’m meeting that it is far outweighing all of that nervous energy. (at least for the moment)

I worked two weddings this past week, so different, the couples and guests but still that same core. A couple in love sharing their day with those that are closest (hopefully :)) to them. I have never been a huge fan of weddings in general, mostly because I think people spend way too much on one single day when all it should be about is the couple starting their journey together. I think too many times it becomes about the dress, the status, the decorations, the music and it is all over in a blink of an eye. Some of the best weddings I ever attended were just a few people, simple food, outdoors enjoying each other’s company. But I suppose that is more to my taste.

This last wedding was really sweet how the family encouraged the couple. You could tell from the best man, maid of honor speeches that this couple was really loved and that they were genuinely wished a long and happy life together.

Let’s see what else, I’m procrastinating one of the sections of my reading that I need to have done. It was getting overwhelming and the words just start swimming together. Oh right, another aspect of my volunteering I am finishing up another watercolor for more cards that I’m making. It is so great to be able to use both sides of my brain for this. I need to be able to utilize both my right brain and my left brain in whatever job I eventually have. It is something I realize about myself more and more. Which helps, because now I know what kind of jobs to look for and why.

I’m looking forward to these new adventures ahead and having a record of it all. It will keep me motivated to keep writing (which I was always great about starting but then it would wane fairly quickly).

Hmmmmm thinking of signing up for more (volunteering, 5k’s whatever) …. why not, I feel up for it 🙂 Any suggestions?

Bring it on .. Adventure is out there!!!


3 thoughts on “The Volunteering Process… More arduous than applying for work. Who knew?!?!

  1. Whoah! I am so proud of you girl. ^^ It’s very good to know that for you things are starting to fall into their right places. Keep it up. Two thumbs up for you and a big big hug. Lol

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