Going after a dream has a price…

“Going after a dream has a price. But however costly it may be, it is never as high as the price paid by people who didn’t live.”  

~Adulterio   Paulo Coelho


It’s like having this thorn in your side where you know you need to do something not because anyone told you to but because you need to do it for yourself. However, you keep putting it off hoping you will have time for it. I am at that place right now. I wanted to write about my orientation experience but some unforeseen things have come into my life and I am just trying to make it through the next two weeks. I know the problem with that is, the further I’m removed from the experience the less clearly I see it in my mind. But I shall post this and remind myself of my dreams and that at least I’m going for them, the commentary may have to wait but I will still continue 🙂



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