Messages to your soul can appear anywhere…


One of the plaques on a bench at the park

I was walking along one of the hiking trails this evening, just enjoying autumn in all its glory (until the rains come over the next few days) .  Really it was so peaceful.  I love the smell of leaves.  It instantly brings back memories of when I was a kid and used to rake the leaves into monstrous piles. Only to jump into them,  fall on my back and stare up at the clouds. It’s one of those things I truly miss about my childhood. 
The sound of them beneath my feet…  I used to kick them up into the air and of course like most children,  scoop them up and throw them as high as I could.  They are better than confetti any day,  if you ask 7 year old me.  I would roll in them and not care about bugs or dirt or sticks.  When do we lose this child like glee? 
We see glimpses of it occasionally, and I know I’ve seen it in others.  But somewhere along the line we push it down. 
Digressing a bit…  Except to say that I was walking along the path just thinking about my life and what I should do with it.  I saw this wooden bench to my left and normally I just pass them up.  But this evening, I felt like something was saying sit down and read the sign.  And it was perfectly what I needed to hear. 
It’s amazing when that happens.  The right moment at the right time.  Your heart can be broken and raw and then someone or something speaks into your life and you feel it heal a bit.  Thoughts become clearer and the path that you thought was hidden is somewhat revealed.  It urges you forward and gives you that strength you need. 

Leaving with a bit of the view from “my path.”



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