it’s only natural….–soulmates–die-just-10-minutes-apart-after-lifetime-of-love-205153362.html?soc_src=copy

It’s impossible not to think about death doing what I’m doing. When I hear I’m going about my day and seeing the names and ages and interests of those patients that pass through on their journeys in this life, I think about them. And when I read stories like this, I hope for that in my life.

To connect with others that the bond is so strong. These stories are beautiful. To share your life with those that connect your soul to this world, this life. How many can say they’ve experienced this? It doesn’t have to be in a romantic partner, it can be with a lifelong friend or a grandparent that sees into your soul when they speak to you.

How rare is it? Can you have it more than once?


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