blog, blog, blog…

I should be documenting like this so I don’t forget what’s been happening.
Well with all the lay offs and people leaving,  there are two positions that have opened up.  At first they were going to be two coordinator jobs which would entail more responsibility and I don’t feel confident in my experience enough yet to feel that I could do it to the best of my ability.  But that all changed.  My supervisor made mention to me again about a position and if I was sure that I wasn’t interested.  During this whole time I had been reconsidering and thought well if she brought it up again,  I would talk with her about it all.
Originally I just wanted a part time job so I could go back to school and still volunteer.  But opportunity knocks in interesting ways.  So here I am a week later officially applying for a job.  It’s been an interesting turn of events.  I had met someone who works in HR  who had been helping me update my resume during all this time.  The timing was perfect.  So over the holiday,  where I  should have just been relaxing,  I had this weighing on me. 
I will write more later because now I need to go and get tested and fingerprinted so that I can see patients….  which freaks me out because of how emotionally invested I get and all that has happened in the past.  But life is a challenge that I’ve got to accept and with each new one I’m trying to open up my heart and mind and just welcome them.  I can learn and grow and maybe just maybe find in myself something I didn’t realize I had. 


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