11:11, blue doors, woody adventures, familiarity friendships

Yes I went for a weird,  elusive title.  To me it makes perfect sense.  Is it a writer’s responsibility to reveal all the inner workings of a murky nonsensical thought to the reader?  I don’t know if there are rules on such things…  At the end of the day this blog is for me and my online journal.  (almost said diary….  My inner teenage girl trying  to get out)
At this point at night,  I don’t really have a particular thought I want to get out just that I want to document this time in my life and even the random thoughts mean something in this process.
My mind is a mess of randomness.  But I don’t mind.  I’m going to enjoy these moments.  No matter how messed up everything is…  Or how annoying my neighbor’s  music is right now. 
Hold onto every moment.  Pull from it what you need. Let go of the things you normally hold onto.  Learn to be the best version of yourself every day. 
Change is growth.    I don’t want to fear it or avoid it. 
Greatness can happen in any moment.  And it is always relative to whatever you compare it to.  Seeing the bigness in  the smallest moments. 
Learning to not hold onto things in my heart and dwell on them.  That is my homework for tonight…  Looking forward to releasing them. 

What do you need to release that you’re holding onto?


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