moonlight and madness??


It’s amazing to me when the sun and moon can both be seen.  I know that the moon is always there just waiting its turn but sometimes it boldly shows itself, and you catch glimpses of beauty that makes you quiet.  There were geese that flew across and landed in the lake while I was standing there.  Just amazing little moments.

Take it in…  Whatever it is…  Whatever gives you joy…  Whatever speaks to your heart…  Whatever connects you and grounds you to your soul and all that makes you appreciate life and beauty…  Hold onto those things…  Breathe them in and cling onto them…  Don’t assume they are ordinary moments…  We shouldn’t dwell in the mundane….  Weep a little…  Weep a lot…  But continue to move on and to love and to open your eyes to all the beauty that is around you. 


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