eddy or whirlpool…

How do you know when you’re making the right or wrong decision? 
I envy people who don’t second guess things a thousand times and let their thoughts swirl about in the minds. This little unassuming eddy that keeps spinning and grows until it is this giant whirlpool of thoughts sucking anything and everything around it. Until it’s the only thing you think about.  What if I make the wrong choice?  What if I hurt people?  What if I get hurt?  What if I end up making the wrong choice and I can never fix it? Omg I am thinking about this too much….  Make it stop.  Does anyone else think this way too? There are so many other things worse than this situation. Why can I not stop worrying?
It’s  common theme.  Fear doubt worry concern… 
Some people are never plagued by it.  And others are tormented to the point of inaction. 
Where do you stand in the midst…  Eddy or whirlpool? 


10 thoughts on “eddy or whirlpool…

    • Hi 🙂 aw it’s so nice to know when we aren’t alone in feeling this way. I think it can feel like a curse at times. But it just means we care deeply. We are often empathetic people worried about letting other people down. How do you try to deal with it?

      • I heard some stand up comedian talking about swimming.. How sometimes it’s about fun and sometimes you do it to save your life.. How you know just depends on the clothes you’re wearing… Bathing suit… Whew… Pants. Uh oh… Don’t know why but it struck me as funny. It’s kind of true about life though in a way. Sometimes we struggle so hard to just survive and other times we let go and just enjoy the ride.

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