Don’t take these awesome souls for granted.  Those who wander in your life and put up with your quirkiness and weirdness.  That accept you for who your are but challenge you to be the best version of yourself.  Those who you know if it weren’t for them you wouldn’t try half the stuff you do…  Good or bad…  Be grateful…  Life is too short…  It really is…  The beauty that I see in those that are on death’s door…  They are the ones that understand this truth…  They are grateful…  Humble…  Scared but kind…  God you have been there in my messiest of times and haven’t forgotten me yet….  This universe is too great and too vast not to be in awe of it and all the wonder it holds… 
Move on…  Heal…  Linger…  Ponder…  Grow. .  Be child like…..  Be who you are in the moment…  Just do something…  Even if all you do is watch…  Just be present…

Consider this….. .    Whatever this is…. 


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