So after getting back from my Europe trip, I signed up for a grant writing class on the 4th of June. Because the best thing to do after a vacation is signing up for a class. 

It may not be towards a Master’s Degree quite yet, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction. 

passport shall be utilized…

Finally booked a trip overseas. Lol
Been a long time coming but the world is finally open unto me and it shall be explored!!

My friend and I went and figured out the flights and destinations and have booked the tickets.  Now we just need to do the accommodations and the train tickets.  But I can’t wait. 

It’s scary and nerve-racking but so exciting!! 

I feel I should be more eloquent with my entry about this since this has been coming since last year.  I need to find my checklist of all the things I wanted to accomplish and see how many have actually gotten checked off.  I think the only one that hasn’t was going back to school for my masters and reading Walden lol.

…..  Hmmmmm….  Where is that list?  Lol

OK passport….  Get ready to get your stamps!!

Update : just checked the date on when I received my passport June 8 lol


Got my first flight booked in  a long long time…  So excited..  One month away.  It’s just a short trip..  But for so many reasons not just a small feat.  I can’t wait and I’m just going to enjoy all the opportunities life is offering.